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Basic PM daily checklist

Hi, I'm using a daily checklist for my PM activities, however, I would like to get feedback from other Project Managers on how to improve this list, or if I'm skipping important matters.

Here's my daily checklist (not necessarily in this order):

1. what are the short term goals?

2. monitor short term deliverables' status.

3. monitor and control assorted tasks.

4. monitor master project plan and update as necessary.

5. monitor risks and constraints.

6. report progress, major issues and overall situation to upper management.

  • José Gonçalo Basto da Silva
  • May 7 2015
  • Looking for Feedback
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  • Werner Beckmann commented
    July 18, 2015 10:03

    Maybe not daily - depending on your project - but at least weakly: how much budget is left - how long can I keep the resources with that budget? 

    I used a kind of "cockpit" in Excel to monitor how much was spent, how much is left, and a computed forecast how long I can keep my folks in the project in contrast to the assumed duration / effort.